When Soybeans are processed, every bit of the bean has a purpose. First, soybeans are cleaned, then cracked, de-hulled and finally rolled into flakes and expanded. At this point the soybean oil is extracted. The oil and the rest of the bean go on to become edible product and animal feed respectively.  This is what we do in a ‘soy’shell.

Our product list includes:

1. Soymeal: It is the one of the world’s most important vegetable protein feed source. It is mainly exported and used as animal feed. We provide finest quality of Soy meal as per internationally accepted norms and it is dispatched to buyers under the supervision of the international surveyors like S.G.S., Geo Chem, Control union, Q.S.S. etc. Generally it is packed in P.P./ Jute Bags and cargo is dispatched in bulk/containers as per buyer’s requirement.

Nutrient value for our meal is as under:
Dry matter : 89%
Protein: 46%-48%
Fiber: 5%-6% 

2. Divya Jyoti's Refined Soy Oil: Soybean oil is the world’s most widely used edible oil. It is valued for both its cooking and nutritional qualities. Divya Gold refined soybean oil is cholesterol free and high in polyunsaturated fat and consequently playing a growing role in health conscious eating. It also contains Omega 3 fatty acids, which are known to be protective against heart diseases.

Nutrient value for our oil is as under:

Tests Protocol Result
Anisidine value AOAC 18TH EDN.2006 0.88 #
Color on Lovibond AOCS 6TH EDN. Cc 13e-92(2009) Red = 0.3, Yellow = 3.5
Copper AOAC 18th EDN.:2006 Not detected
FFA AOCS 6TH EDN. Ca 5a-40(2009) 0.05%
Iron AOAC 18TH EDN.:2006 9.03 mg/kg #
MIV % AOCS 6TH EDN. -2009 0.04

PV (Acetic acidIso octane method)

AOCS 6TH EDN. Cd 8b-90(2009)


AOCS 6TH EDN. Ca 12-55(2009)

4 ppm

3. Lecithin: It is a vital multifunctional active substance used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other range of industries. Lecithin is an emulsifier, which means it keeps ingredients evenly mixed that don’t usually mix well together, like oil and water.

Nutrient value of our lecithin is as under:

AI            Acetone Insoluble 63.5 – 65 % AOCS
HI            Hexane Insoluble < 0.10 AOCS
AV          Acid Value 18-24 AOCS
POV       Peroxide value 0.20 milliequivalent/kg
H20        Moisture ~0.10 By airoven method
GCV       Gardner color value (10% toluene) 10 ~11 AOCS
Viscosity 25 deg. C 120 cps max. AOCS

4. Acid Oil : The Company’s hi-tech continuous plant produces the best quality of Acid oil from fresh soap stock produced in the Refinery and generate least quantity of waste. It is another valuable by-product obtained in the refining of the crude soybean oil.

Nutrient value of our Acid Oil is as under:
TFM : 98% max.

5. Soy Deo Distillate:

Nutrient value is as under:-
Moisture Content  :     < 2%
FFA                     :     > 55
Color/Appearance :      Dark Brown
TITRE                  :      > 25 deg. C
Sediment             :       < 1 %
TFM                     :       > 95%