3rd Highest Capacity utilization in Soya Industry in year 1999-2000

2nd Highest Capacity utilization in Soya Industry in year 2001-2002

3rd Highest Capacity utilization in Soya Industry in year 2002-2003

3rd Highest Capacity utilization in Soya Industry in year 2003-2004

3rd Highest Capacity utilization in Soya Industry in year 2004-2005

Board of Directors of the Company

Mr. Girdhari R. Nyati, Whole Time Director
A Master in commerce, Mr. Girdhari R. Nyati is the Whole Time Director of the company. He plays a lead role in defining the company strategy and in implementing the company’s growth plans. He has been a catalyst in rapid expansion of the company and ensuring smooth running of the plant. He has more than 25 years of extensive experience in marketing of petroleum products, procurement of raw materials, stores supply and spares.

Mr. Gopal Nyati, Executive Director
Mr. Gopal Nyati is a young dynamic Director of the Company. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He has got very keen knowledge and expertise in the field of finance and accounts. He plays an active role in overall strategic decisions of the company. His proactive and personalized approach to business and a competitive spirit has been instrumental in DJIL establishing business relationships. He brings across sharp financial acumen and insights into business transactions both from risk and reward perspective.

Mr. Shriniwas Soni, Director
He is an independent director of the company. He has a post graduate Degree in Commerce and has more than 25 years of experience in procurement of Soybean Seed.

Mr. Sudarshan Shashtri, Director
He is an independent director of the company. He is a well known Company Lawyer. He has more than 40 years of experience in the company law and secretarial matters.

Mrs. Babita Nyati, Director
Mrs. Babita Nyati is an independent director of the Company. She holds graduate degree in commerce. She is also actively involved in various social activities.

Mr. Suresh Kumar Verma, Director
Mr. Suresh Kumar Verma is an independent director of the Company.

Mr. Johnney Paul, Director
Mr. Johnney Paul is an independent director of the Company, He is a civil engineer by training but a serial entrepreneur at heart. A leading Civil Engineering and construction company. A string of entrepreneurial ventures followed which included a C&F for Arvind Mills Ltd. for MP & CG, a modern format retail store and an agency for representation of computer memory manufacturers from the far east in the Indian market. Finally found his calling in advertising and is now engaged in the company as a Director of the company. He has extensive experience of entrepreneurship.

Management Team

Mr. Sanjay Baweja, C.E.O.
Mr. Sanjay Baweja, an experienced and dynamic Chief Executive Officer of the company is an Arts Graduate and has been with the company since its inception. He has over 20 years of varied experience in the field of General Administration, HR and Customer Relationship. He is using best practices in creating a professional work environment and building a strong management team. At present he is handling overall administration activity as well as customer relationship work.

Mr. Anirudh Nyati, C.O.O
Mr. Anirudh Nyati,  S/O Mr. Girdhari R. Nyati is a recent post graduate (M.S) from U.S.A. and also holds B.E degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has joined the business with fresh set of ideas and lots of enthusiasm. He is young and a dynamic personality with sound technical knowledge and high ambition for modernization of the work environment in his quest for sustainable future. He currently holds the position of Chief Operating officer in the company and has accrued valuable trust and support from the fellow employees for his long term vision of the company’s working style.

Mr Ankit Maheshwari, C.F.O.
Mr Ankit Maheshwari, Chief Financial Officer of the company has a great academic career. He is Chartered Accountant by profession. Apart from this, he holds two post graduations. He has done Master of Commerce and also completed his Master of Business Administration in Finance domain. He also holds a degree in Bachelor of Legislative Law. He is known for his enthusiasm and hard work. He is young dynamic and energetic professional and responsible for overall Finance, Accounting & Taxation activities. His ability to understand the business environment coupled with his sound financial and accounting background has enabled him to cope in Soya Industry.

Mr. Om Prakash Arya, GM
Mr. Om Prakash Arya, General Manager (Technical) of the company is having a Post Graduate Degree in Chemistry. He is having more than 34 years experience in operation of processing of various oil seeds viz Soybean, Rapeseed, Sunflower, Cottonseeds.

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